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The Cranston Alpine Club was formed on May 5th, 1948 and was intended as an organization among Americans of Italian ancestry. The Social Club owned and met at a house on Oaklawn Ave in Cranston, RI.

The Alpine Country Club was founded on values which were stated on the first sign to be at the entrance of the Club. 'The peak of enjoyment for the entire family'. Today the Club lives by those original values and has something to offer for everyone! Social, Golf, Stockholder, Family or Single Membership, there is something for everyone at The Alpine!

The Country Club was founded in 1962 and prior to that it was a Social Club in Cranston, RI. The Alpine Social Club bought the land for the Country Club and that is where it sits today. Alpine is an equity-based Club where members have a say just as an owner would and that fits into the mentality and model for the Club.

Today the Club is managed by Troon and is an equity member-owned Club. With over 350 family memberships and a bustling activity calendar, the future of the Club has never looked so bright!

Alpine Country Club

History of the logo

Alpine Country Club has always had the 'hat' as a part of our logo. Whether it was the original crest or the logo you see today. The 'hat' is called a Tyrolean (pronounced tie-ro-lee-an) hat and was worn by people living in the Italian Alps. As The Alpine was founded by an Italian Social Club, it has a historical reference for the culture and roots where the Club began.